I was put off listening to Best Coast’s album Crazy For You for a very long time purely on the basis of how pathetic the album cover is:

Awful, I’m sure you will agree.

I enjoyed all the singles from the album, but I just couldn’t deal with listening to a record that had such a poorly cropped picture of a cat on it (my skills at image manipulation are also incredibly amateur, as will soon become apparent).

The band finally clicked for me when I saw them at this years End of the Road festival. I was in a delicate state after having made the patently terrible decision of alternating Hobgoblin with boxed wine the previous night.

I found to my surprise that Best Coast’s music made me inexplicably emotional to the point where I felt like I might cry. I found this odd for a number of reasons:

– Their lyrics are incredibly simplistic (rarely is the opportunity to rhyme crazy with lazy squandered in the world of Best Coast).

– All their songs basically sound exactly the same.

– They feature lolcats in their videos, 7 years after they ceased to be funny.

– Their lyrics make frequent reference to recreational drug use! WHICH I AM AGAINST!

lol, jk. I’ve smoked weed over FOUR times!

I had been put off them for ages because I thought that they were an ironic surf-rock pastiche. But, once I saw them live, I realised that the band run on pure sincerity.

Their terrible lyrics and simplistic arrangements couldn’t be any further from ironic pretense. These are just songs that the singer, Bethany Consentino, thought would be good, so she did them.

Something about how sheerly pathetic they are made me really respond to them in my dishevelled state, to the point where the following amateur lyric (and many others of its ilk), somehow, brought me incredibly close to crying:

“Maybe I’m just crazy! Crazy for you baby!”

It takes a unique kind of talent to make that lyric moving.

I am now quite fond of the band. I even find myself reappraising the album cover, the band probably sincerely thought it looked good.

The video for their song Our Deal marks their most conscious attempt at a tear-jerking tragedy:

The video is a modern day update of Romeo and Juliet, it features a romance between two starcross’d lovers from rival gangs (a startlingly original re-imagining, I’m sure you will agree).

The video was helmed by Drew Barrymore, a woman who has been in her fair share of tearjerkers (E.T.) and would-be tearjerkers over the years (Never Been Kissed etc.).

The lovers in question are Chloe Moretz (from Kick Ass) and Tyler Posey (?).

There are also cameos from the annoying sister from Drake and Josh and Donald Glover from the hit-and-miss, high-concept sitcom Community. A veritable all-star cast! Barrymore’s own ex-child star status obviously guided her casting decisions.

The video has an unusually 17th century approach to romance mores. Moretz is 14, Posey is 20, which would qualify any attempt at sexual relations between the two as statutory rape in this country…

This romance doesn’t come across as seedy as it sounds in theory, as the video is quite stylized; also Moretz seems preternaturally old beyond her years. Her film career so far suggests she finds being a child an annoying formality.

Again, Best Coast’s jangling guitars and pathetic lyrics manage to make me emotionally prone for reasons I find hard to assess.

The video also conjures the same spirit of enjoyable adolescent cheesiness that permeates those fan made videos on Youtube that exhibit a tenuous romantic relationship between incongruous characters from pop culture whilst a sappy song plays. Ron/Draco, Buffy/Giles, Aragorn/Legolas; three examples I just thought of at random that a quick search has vindicated as existing.

I laughed my tits off at the twist.

Surely she would have heard him continuing to spray.