I haven’t cried for 13 years.

This blog is a project devoted to making me cry, and chronicling my inability to cry.

My aim is to continue this blog until I have finally secreted tears from my dried-up under utilised ducts.

To the best of my recollection, the last time I cried was when I was roughly 8 or 9.

I had borrowed a VHS copy of the Disney film The Fox And The Hound. Strangely enough I did not cry upon the first time watching, it was only on the second time through that it really set me off.

In the film the old woman who looks after the Fox when he is young is forced to dump him in the woods after a local farmer threatens to shoot him. Something about this scene really devastated me as a child.

Since then I can’t really remember an occasion where I have cried.

I have been on the cusp on a number of occasions but I have never tipped over into full-blown crying.

People therefore think that I am an emotional retard.

– I didn’t cry when my oldest pet died.
– I didn’t cry in (recent years) when my relatives died.
– I didn’t cry at Toy Story 3 or Up!.

I did used to quite enjoy crying, there is something cathartic and healthy about letting your throat burn and your eyes stream.

I miss it because it’s such a tremendous sensation and I think a person that can cry when appropriate does lead a richer life.

Hopefully this blog will help me with my condition, I would like as much input as possible from as many people as possible about fool-proof tear-jerkers.

Books, films, songs, locations, documentaries.

I will acknowledge suggestions and give an in-depth account of what degree of sadness each suggestion made me feel.

I want as much advice and as many suggestions as possible about what sets people off crying.

Hopefully one day I will be able to post up the picture of me finally weeping, and that will be the end of the blog.

Any comments and suggestions for tear-fodder would be greatly appreciated.

One day hopefully this will be me…